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We want the home to be comfortable and safe, for the house to last a long time and to be economical.

We want to offer a thermal insulation service with the best technology and the highest quality materials in Europe, which ensures complete customer satisfaction.

We are specialists in our field, offering quality service both in Estonia and Finland.

The company's mission is not only to provide quality service but also to see the most important thing - the customer and his wishes.

Based on the customer's wishes, the best balance between their maximum fulfillment and the achievement of the best quality must be ensured.

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Why PUR foam?

According to calculations, at least half of the costs for heating and cooling are caused by uncontrolled air flows through the building structures.

PUR foam can help save on electricity costs and make your house a reliable and comfortable place to live.


PUR foam is completely safe for human health. It does not contain volatile particles or emits toxic gases, which ensures a safe and healthy environment for allergy sufferers.


We offer both closed and open pore foam installation. Foams differ in their properties, so please use the help of a specialist when choosing a foam.


On average in the closed pore between 33 - 43 kg / m3 and in the open pore 8 - 12 kg / m3. The closed cell foam is very strong and adds strength to the structure.


It is in the range of 0.020 - 0.022 W / mK for closed cell foams and 0.037 - 0.039 W / mK for open cell foams. The lower the number, the better it keeps warm inside and cold outside or vice versa


On average 70 in the closed pore and 5.5 in the open pore. The higher the obstacle, the better. It is not necessary to add steam and wind barriers when using closed cell foam.

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